Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baldwin, WI - Production Supervisor

Donaldson Company - Production Supervisor:

* Supervises the production department which includes assigning work, encouraging team involvement, completing the performance management process for all operators, scheduling work, ensuring needed equipment is maintained and purchased, and developing and following the department s budget.

* Coaches operators through the problem solving process to identify problem areas and solve them. Some of these areas include manufacturing processes, reducing set-up time, equipment problems, and reducing scrap, etc.

* Trains operators on procedures, methods, problem solving, prints, programming, quality requirements, team methods and safety.

* Educates operators in the safety requirement of their department and plant.

* Coaches operators on safety improvements, department inspections, safety surveys, and follow-up on safety issues. Works with operators in the area of quality assurance. This includes quality requirements and procedures for the department and plant, as well as monitoring quality.

* Resolves employee relation issues through effective remediation techniques.

* Utilizes human resources and/or manager to assist in solving unresolved work-related problems."

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