Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FT Kindergarten - Balsam Lake, WI

Job Description - Unity School District announces the opening of a full-time kindergarten and/or a 4-year-old kindergarten teacher position beginning with 2008-09 school year, on or about August 25, 2008. There may be multiple openings based on enrollment.

Qualifications - We are looking for a self-starter, who loves children. Our goal is to provide an environment and curriculum that encourages self awareness, self satisfaction, independence, creativity, social interaction skills and kindergarten readiness. We encourage learning through play and hands-on experiences. The teachers are also the primary contact with parents and are responsible for student evaluations, outreach activities, and communication with parents on each child's progress and development. Excellent teamwork abilities; great communication skills with children, parents; experience developing early childhood curriculum; self-motivated and organization skills preferred.

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