Saturday, November 15, 2008

3rd Shift Prod Supervisor - Osceola, WI

1. Coach and support area of responsibility
2. Daily communication and coordination with teams, other supervisors and departments .Direct work assignments in accordance with the production schedule- plans and organizes activities of the production/assembly line to meet production deadlines.
3. Monitor housekeeping (5 pillars) and correct safety issues.
4. Ensure compliance to environmental, productivity, quality and health& safety standards.
5. Identify and implement continuous improvement projects
6. Prepare and adhere to department budget
7. Enforce policies and procedures and apply disciplinary action as needed
8. Prepare and maintain production reports and records- taking corrective action when necessary
9. Coordinate departmental maintenance and engineering needs
10. Responsible for inventory analysis
11. Order and purchase necessary equipment or materials for assembly or production.

Other duties as assigned

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