Saturday, July 31, 2010

Web Content Specialist - Bayport, MN


•Identify, edit, post and prioritize site updates

•Collaborate with product managers, segment managers and agency partners to capture key product, marketing campaign and branding concepts and translate them compellingly onto the website. Sources include:
-Marketing briefs
-Product Guides
-Marketing literature
-Updates from Product Managers

•Coordinate web projects across departments and divisions. Manage relationships between key team members, clients and vendors.

•Provide analytics and reporting.

•Search Engine Optimization improvements and reporting.

•Regular analysis of site search terms– adjust meta data and other SEO elements to improve site and SEO performance.

•Monitor key conversion click-paths to identify areas of drop off. Provide recommendations on performance improvement.

•Monitor primary (lead) and secondary (email capture, brochure requests, etc.) conversion activities. Identify areas for improvement. Recommend / implement changes

•Identify areas for process improvement and increased efficiencies, document, implement.

•Use exceptional communication, organizational & project management skills.

•In some cases, make quick and informed recommendations for optimal placement of new content on the websites to achieve business objectives.

•Create and manipulate existing and original graphic design elements using Adobe Creative Suite.

•Assist in the execution of online changes and initiatives.

•Create and maintain timelines and status reports.

•Route designs and copy through marketing and legal departments for approvals.

•Create and/or maintain new pages and assets in content management system.

•Test site changes in several operating systems and in both Mac and PC platforms.

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