Friday, August 6, 2010

Quality Engineer - Somerset, WI

Duties and Responsibilities of the Job:

Position Summary:
Carries out a responsive quality effort to process profitable customer orders and help Preco exceed customers expectations. Works on operations, improving profitability, efficiency, productivity. Interfaces with Sales, Engineering, Production and other business units. Assists the Quality Manager to drive and foster a continuous improvement environment throughout the organization.
Primary Responsibilities:
1.Develops and implements methods and procedures for disposition of discrepant material
2.Coordination of inspection and testing methods and sampling plans
3.Leader or Team Member representing quality and assuring quality on new product development projects
4.Leader or Team Member of quality improvement projects to reduce costs and reduce customer complaints
5.Evaluate product and/or process changes for impact on quality
6.Leader or Team Member of proactive efforts in product quality and process capability improvement

Provides technical support services:
1.Specifies and maintains necessary inspection and testing equipment to ensure conformance to customer specifications
2. Performs internal auditing functions
3.Develop new ways to better satisfy customer needs (new/different equipment, alternative work methods, improved quality/service, etc.)
4.Leader of product and/or process qualification efforts, including customer requirements such as PPAP, First Article, FMEA, Control Plan, Gage Capability Studies, etc.

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