Friday, January 28, 2011

District Troubleman - Almena, WI

We are looking for a hard-working and experienced Troubleman to join the Xcel Energy team in Almena, WI! In this position, you will perform all duties of District Troubleman classification involving overhead and underground electric distribution and transmission systems, as well as performing substation switching. The person filling this position must be self-motivated, work well with others, and possess a positive attitude and commitment to work safely, provide quality customer service, and create customer satisfaction to work productively.

Job Description - District Troubleman (21280)


Imagine the up-swell of goodwill to be heaped upon the first large company to announce that they are going to reel in Off-shoring of jobs. Imagine the excitement of other companies joining in to announce they will hire new employees for second and third shifts at office buildings all over the USA. Imagine the economic and national PROFIT gained by putting Americans back to work simply by acknowledging that the experiment in cost cutting didn't really work.

Clothing Designer Needed in Minneapolis

Sassy Knitwear, a Minneapolis based, Eco-friendly clothing company is hiring. We are a two-woman owned and operated business that designs, sews and sells women's and kid's clothes. Sassy Knitwear is sold online, at farmers markets and at local coops.

Clothing Designer Needed in Minneapolis