Saturday, January 14, 2012

Manufacturing Team Members - Cumberland, WI

Manufacturing Team Members - December 2011- December 2012 - 1108542

For more than 100 years, 3M has been a company that delivers both sustainable growth and consistent results. Today is no exception. We are making great progress toward inventing a new future for 3M - a future of faster growth and increased competitiveness, while continuing to deliver superior results.

The mission of 3M Cumberland is to become the global center of manufacturing excellence, maintaining an unrelenting customer focus with significant improvements in cost, quality, service, and employee satisfaction.

The position of Manufacturing Team Member will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following specific duties:
* Demonstrate safe work behaviors to avoid injury to self or others
* Follow operating procedures and customer specifications to produce quality products which are delivered to customers on time
* Work effectively within a production work team and collaborate with other teams
* Contribute to continuous improvement and problem solving
* Maintain neat and orderly conditions in area and help maintain and promote safe conditions
* Operate assigned equipment in a safe, effective, and efficient manner
* Operate processes according to procedures.
* Take appropriate action when unusual conditions occur.
* Use hand and power trucks.
* Use computers as needed to run process operation.

Other Benefits: Benefits to be discussed

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