Saturday, February 25, 2012

Senate Bill Has IT Pro Overtime Pay in Crosshairs - Julio Urquidi

Senate bill to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act would eliminate overtime pay for many IT workers.

By Julio Urquidi February 24, 2012 10:24 AM

I once worked 33+ hours straight trying to get a patient documentation system back online. As a gift for my hard work, via upper management, my CIO gave me 15 dollars worth of coffee shop gift cards as part of an “employee retention” program. Apparently, I was going to need the energy from the coffee as I had to cancel my vacation plans and stick around for the rest of the week in case we had any outage-related problems. Since I was a “manager-class” employee (managing computers, not people), I wasn’t compensated for my time and was asked to remain available for the rest of the week.

Of course, this wasn’t the only time that I worked long hours. Other times I worked late out of pride and to a certain degree, I wanted to prove my worth to and for the enterprise (call me Boxer). That one particular time, though, the fact that it was pretty much uncompensated hurt the most. I lost personal time at home, had to skip classes and couldn’t do a lot of the after-hour activities I enjoyed.

Those gift cards didn’t make me feel better, either. Instead, I felt they were given to keep me working, like hay to a horse the day before the big plow.

Senate Bill Has IT Pro Overtime Pay in Crosshairs

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