Saturday, April 7, 2012

Polaris plans to add 89 jobs in Osceola |

The Polaris sport vehicle plant in Osceola said it would create 89 new jobs over the next three years.

Gov. Scott Walker announced Thursday that the firm will get $595,000 in tax breaks if all the jobs are added on schedule.

Polaris is based in Medina, Minn. The expansion was made possible by its recent acquisitions of Indian Motorcycles, GEM electrical neighborhood vehicles and other new products.

State officials say many of the new jobs will be highly skilled positions like testing engineers and product developers.

Some of the new jobs will be moved from a Polaris plant in Wyoming, Minn., that’s running at capacity. But the firm says most of the jobs will be new.

About 140 people now work at Osceola. But that’s still a fraction of the 500-plus workers the plant had two years ago when Polaris first said would close Osceola and move many of the workers to Mexico.

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